I have gotten most of the lost videos reposted to my site through Vimeo. Soon I'll go through and find the replacement videos for the progress of the TFN projects, but I put the final videos at the top of the pages.

I've also purchased a new computer and once I save up some money I will be expanding the RAM and then I'll be able to finally finish that music video. 4GB of RAM just couldn't handle it, I'll be expanding to 16GB of RAM. :)

Also, please don't forget to check out my Demo Reel!!



My youtube account has been terminated due to copyright infringement from old videos with Anime clips in them so please hang in there while I re-upload my videos to vimeo and replace them on here.



Senior Project 2011

So here's my one-minute sneak peek at the Jungle music video! This was my project to pass and graduate from the Art Institute. I plan on finishing the entire music video soon. Enjoy!



Technikult of Flesh actually released some of our dancing footage for yet ANOTHER music video for the song Pandemic. Check it out! I'm the one in red and black with the red tie (and I'm the freeze shot before you hit play!! *edit* Not anymore.. they changed it lol)!


Blue Cup Tribe

Shooting went well with the Jungle music video! I just wet through all of the footage and should be getting a rough cut put together soon. The Typical Friday Night promo video is complete, please check out that page for the progess and the final result.

I just attended Jet and Brawd's going away party last night. We brought it on with that Blue Cup Tribe! I'm excited for them to get out there but I'll miss them being only a short drive away. Best of luck guys, meet you at the top! Save me a seat!


In other news, Technikult of Flesh released their "Only Darkness" video which was also shot the weekend I stayed up there with them. Amazing, if I don't say so myself! Just waiting on Reface Me to be complete (and I also got a call saying that a 'tribute' type video may be constructed for the three of us who danced for the original video.. can't wait for that video to come out!)


In PERSONAL news, I was recently hired at a local tattoo shop called Indelible Ink (Wilmington, DE) as their body piercer! Since the piercing business is slow (for now) I've dragged my sewing machine into the shop and will probably be dragging my computer there as well that way I can work on costume commissions, and get started on this Jungle music video!
Fingers crossed that I get the whole thing done!!