Car Wraps!

I know it's been a while since I updated this but I wanted to at least update on my job front.


As of April 2016 I have been employed as a Graphic Designer and Production Manager at a Print and Tint shop. I have designed dozens of car wraps for various types of companies and have created custom designs for individual customers.

I even designed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wrap on Vanilla Ice's Bumpboxx. It was printed and installed in-house in Delaware and then shipped out to him.


I have experience now with wide-format printers, vinyl media, vinyl cutters, t-shirt and mug presses, and wide format laminators.


It's a cool job 8)


Seeking Employment

I loved my full time job at Rommel Harley-Davidson but the time has come for their Marketing team to be reworked and relocated, leaving me without a job. I had a great run and I worked on some amazing projects and worked at some amazing events. Take a look at some of my best work while there!

Rommel Portfolio


Graphic Designer

I wonder how often anyone checks my website? With that said, I haven't updated this in QUITE some time!

I've been busy at my NEW JOB as a Graphic Designer! I was hired back in March at Rommel Harley-Davidson to replace the Graphic Designer who found a new job in another state. I've really liked it here and it's been so busy since I started I haven't had any free time to update my website (or my resume)!

I do SO much here, from designing event fliers to creating our email newsletters for SEVEN dealerships to sending push notifications for our mobile app to updating our website to just about anything else you can think of! It's exhausting but I LOVE IT!

Check out for some of my work!


The Fallen / The Heroes

So back in October I ventured up towards New York City once again to assist Technikult of Flesh on yet another music video. I ended up being the fashion consultant this time around, making sure everyone in the band had ensembles that were equal parts renaissance and cyber goth. To my knowledge, the video has yet to be released but here's a sneak peek at the singer.


In other news, a friend of mine wrote a book and it's been digitally published! And... guess who designed the cover for it? That's right, me!! It's called The Heroes and here's the cover


Deadbeat Valentine

Back in July I went up to New York City to work with Technikult of Flesh again on another music video of theirs. This time it was for the song "Deadbeat Valentine." Two versions of the video have already been released and all I'm waiting for is the third version to come out so I can share it with you all. I was a background dancer/singer and also the hair and makeup artist for another video member (you'll see her on the new show "Mother of All Talent" coming out at the end of October). Here's a taste of what you'll see!

And here's the commercial for Mother of All Talent. You can see snips of the singer, and the mother with black hair is wearing my gas mask! (0:40). I did the hair and make up on the little girl (0:17)!