Reface Me!

Everything seem to be going well with the Jet Phynx and Bawdway projects. I'll soon add a tab for the Jungle video as well as adding more progress videos on the Typical Friday Night promo video.

There's this new industrial band, Technikult of Flesh and they're shooting a music video (for the song "Reface Me!") June 11th and 12th. Well, they put out a call for goth/industrial dancers and I was one of the first to respond. Thus, I will be in their video! I'm so excited!! On top of that, we'll be shooting on green screen and the programs they use to work on and edit the video is After Effects. Talking to the casting director, I might be able to get my hands on helping them edit it as well and then I can add it to my resume! Double excited!!

Also looking around for interships for next quarter at school (July 11th - September 23rd). I hope to graduate at the end of next quarter and I'd love to get my foot in the door by interning and networking at a company. Wish me luck!


Typical Friday Night

I recently teamed up wit upcoming artists Jet Phynx and BrawdWay to work on a promotional video for them for their song Typical Friday Night! I'm so excited to begin this project!

I'll also be wroking on a music video for them as well for their song Jungle, to be released around September 2011 (I'll be doing it a my senior project to use to graduate)


Buisness Card!

Just ordered my buisness cards! Can't wait to start handing them out!!



I'm adding videos!!

Getting my website up to date! Let me know what you think :)

Under Portfolio, click on Video!



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